Making the Most of your WordPress Website Development Initiative

Wordpress Website Development

Everybody in the website development world is in love with the WordPress platform. It makes for an ideal tool for blogging and even allows businesses to host websites through this tool. If you are able to get creative enough, this WordPress Website Development projects opens doors to some excellent features that will help you engage with your internet audience with great ease.

1. The versatility of WordPress allows it to play the role of more than just a blog. Many companies choose to have their business portals created using WordPress Website Development techniques.

2. WordPress is also an excellent Content Management System which allows website owners to add and edit content themselves without the need to hire any technical experts to help do so. For the more advanced users, there is also the ‘code view’ which allows you to even edit the HTML coding of the page. This isn’t a necessity for those who simply need to upload simple content.

3. Installing the WordPress Website Development tool is very simple. All you need is the appropriate web hosting tools and you can continue to update the settings depending o your requirement. Some of these settings many be mandatory while the others can be customized depending on the objective of the portal you are creating. For example, if you are setting up a simple blog you will need to make sure your posts are set up with date based permalinks. In the case where you are creating a generic business website, you need to make your blog look like it contains permanent content which isn’t date specific.

4. Additionally, you may want to turn of the trackbacks and the comments feature from all pages to make it look more like a portal and less like a blog site.

5. WordPress Website Development allows you to create a static front page as against the typical format of blogs which display only the most recent posts.

By selecting the correct options in your admin settings, you can make sure that this blogging tool allows you to easily create a business website in an efficient, aesthetic and cost-effective manner.


A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Drupal Website Development Modules

Drupal Website Development

As a beginner on the Drupal Website Development platform, it is fathomable that you won’t know where to start. The Drupal platform has been a base for many popular websites on the internet today since it offers the flexibility of moulding its already robust and secure codes in the way you want to. This further helps design some of most high quality portals in lesser time.
This content management system is enriched with some excellent features which can be optimized my design experts to make clients happy. Here are some of the top modules that can help enhance the functionality of your web design and development project:-

1. Administration Menu

This module does wonders in speeding up your Drupal Website Development process. This module assists by adding a menu for administrators and gives the designers simple access points to the pages which may typically be a couple of layers down according the default administration setting.

2. Content Construction Kit

One of the most useful models on this platform, this tool allows you to develop customized content types by implementing extra data types such as links, images, selects and files.

3. Panels

Not a very new addition to the list of functional modules, this tool allows designers to divide the pages into sections or panes where you can add , block and arrange nodes on an interesting AJAX GUI.


This tool allows Drupal Website Development experts to select nodes which fit in defined criteria and display them all on a single page. This is extremely useful when one is creating custom news feeds for the website. Making the most of this module is no cake walk. But as a skilled designer, you will be able to conduct all sorts of things without having to work with the SQL statements.

In addition to this, also look up other handy modules like the MultiBlock, SEO Checklist, Imageache, Devel, Webform, and Pathuato, which cumulatively work towards making your Drupal Web Development project an interesting one.