5 Benefits of Open Source Web Design

Open Source Development

Open source web design means designing and developing a website using open source technology and software like PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails. These technologies are completely free to use and distribute for personal and commercial purposes. They are developed, maintained and updated by a community of developers around the globe who are committed to the cause of these scripting languages. Here are 5 reasons why open source web design can benefit your website and your business.

1.)    More Flexibility

It is flexible in every sense of the word. You’re the actual boss who gets to choose what you want for your website and what you do not. You can install and use parts of software or use it in totality. You can modify the source code and build on the architecture in any manner that suits you. You can modify none, some or all of its features depending upon the level of customization it can accommodate.

2.)    Enhanced Security

Since developers from across the globe develop and update this software, the security is very high and websites built using these technologies are extremely robust and secure.

3.)    Better Feasibility

Open source software does not require any kind of licensing fee or usage fee and is free for usage and distribution. Hence, websites developed by them are very cost effective and relatively cheap compared to their proprietary counterparts. Also, this affordability does not come at the cost of performance since these technologies are just as efficient, if not more, than proprietary ones.

4.)    Fewer Hassles

Many open source content management systems (CMS) are available today that do all the backend work for you and you just have to manage the layout and content. You don’t need to build a website from the scratch, write tons of code and develop every module and functionality yourself. There are ready made themes and templates that you need to choose from and start filling in the content and pictures. There are also no hassles regarding licensing and terms of usage since most of the open source software are free for personal and commercial use.

5.)    Extensive Support

There is a huge online support available on communities and forums. There are also a number of video tutorials and documentation available, and a number of help topics and FAQs to aid the usage of such software.

Choose open source web design software to develop your website and enjoy the various benefits that they have to offer.